Preparing Your Home For Sale

You can improve chances a quick sale by preparing your property to be a more marketable and attractive investment.

Pack away items that are rarely used has many benefits, It not only gets you started on the job of packing; It gets rid of unslightly clutter and It makes rooms appear larger.

Pretend To Be A Buyer

Look at your propert as though you were a buyer. If you find this difficult , ask a friend to help you.

Curb Appeal

Start by looking at your property from the street. Does it stand out as less appealing than those around it? Is your landscaping lacking?

Make sure your lawn is cut and free of bald patches. Plant some mature plants and add colour to your garden. Get rid of excess lawn furniture. Put away your childrens' bikes and toys . Make sure the path from the street to your door is clean and clear. Fix any loose steps or railings. Clean light fixtures, numbers, mailbox and door at the front entrance, make it inviting.

Is Your Home ... well, less than fresh?

Unpleasant odours will have an instantly negative effect on a buyer, no matter how nice your property looks. Ask smokers to step outside, cleanup after pets and try to avoid strong cooking odours. Lightly scented candles can be a nice touch during a showing and if weather permits, keep windows open to allow fresh air in.

The Interior

Kitchen and Bathroom

These are the rooms that will have perhaps the largest impact on a possible sale. Anything you do to add to the appeal of these rooms will have a big impact on a final sale.

Clean all cupboard and doors and countertops of accumulated grease and grime, if damaged, consider replacing. Clear all appliances from countertops, it will make counter space appear larger.

Make sinks and bathtubs shine and pay attention to detail when cleaning them, if they are extremely worn consider replacing them with a new inexpensive fixture.

Various Rooms

Get rid of the clutter, remove excess chairs and tables, less furniture makes rooms appear larger. Make sure furniture is clean and in good repair. Pack away family pictures and collectibles. Make the beds with a pretty comforter. Flowers and plants can be a nice touch but make sure they are fresh or well cared for, and not too many, it's a house not a jungle :-)


Few upgrades are as inexpensive, or have the positve impact, as a fresh coat of paint. When repainting rooms choose light, natural colours.


Some effort in the prentation of your property will make a big difference in how quickly it sells and on the final selling price. You may have to invest a few dollars but keep in mind that each dollar spent may come back to you many times over by helping achieve a higher selling price.

If you have any questions, speak with us today for suggestions on how to better present you property for sale.